Program(s) Offered:

Master of Business Administration


Course Objective:

This course provides job training for our students, prepares students in both public and private sectors. Students will acquire a comprehensive foundation in fundamental management knowledge and skills and will be able to successfully apply advanced tools and techniques for intelligent decision making in a variety of organizational setting.
To provide students with the foundation in the content and competencies that will support their development as effective managers.
To provide overall understanding and ability to apply skills towards complex analysis, decision-making and in the application of modern strategic management methods relevant to the field of business and management.

Programme Duration:

This course on average takes 18 months, maximum can be extended to 36 months.

Programme Structure and Content:

Students are required to complete 6 core modules, 5 elective modules and 1 project paper (15,000-18,000 words), in total of 42 credits.

Teaching Language:

Teaching materials, textbooks and references are written in English and students are required to write their thesis and assignment in English.



Program(s) Offered:

Master of Business Administration


Program Objective:

Wisconsin Concordia University's MBA program is a content-based teaching program. Our unique teaching method allow student to be inspirational and insightful. CUW provides trainings for students to upgrade their professional knowledge, technology, strengthen competitiveness, in order to gain a successful career path in the management field. The Master's course aims to enhance students' analytical, planning, adapting, accessing and problems solving abilities. The ultimate goal is to equip our students to become competitive in the market.

Duration of Study:

On average minimum time to complete the MBA program is 18 months and maximum allowed is 60 months. Students who may wish to extend the completion of their respective course must seek permission from the University.

Mode of Study:

The Concordia University Wisconsin MBA program will be delivered through E-Learning in accordance with face to face learning tutorial which is implemented through online study lecture materials and assignments. Study materials include study guides, prescribed textbooks and reference books, reading and/or e-learning materials, live seminar, virtual workshop, pre-recorded seminars, interactive study guide- case study, audio video conferencing, e-books, e-library-journal/articles, free e-learning management/IT courses and e-language provided by the University Cyber Campus. The program is mostly assessed by assignments and case studies with no dissertation required.

Teaching Language:

Students can choose either in Chinese or English as their learning language.



Program(s) Offered:

Master of Business Administration


Program Structure:

This program is built on a 42 credits structure comprising of two components, i.e. coursework requirements and Thesis (6 credits), or a 45 credit structure comprising of all coursework requirements. The coursework component comprises 36 credits which is made up of 12 subjects, or 45 credits made up of 15 subjects for non-thesis program.

Teaching Language:

This program is delivered in English, students are required to submit their thesis in English.

Study Period:

The average length for students to complete the course is 18 months. According to differences in individual study progress, the study period can be extended up to 3 years at maximum.

Teaching Mode:

This program will be delivered through blended learning mode which is implemented through compulsory lectures, optional tutorials and study group discussions. Study materials include study guides, prescribed textbooks and reference books, reading and/or e-learning materials provided by the University.